Minnesota Vikings COO Kevin Warren: ‘I’m not into waste”


Kevin Warren, the chief operating officer of the Minnesota Vikings, had a bumpy road to success with the franchise, but is now a vital organizational piece.

One of the men that is always working hard behind the scenes for the Minnesota Vikings is chief operating officer Kevin Warren. In the past, other organizations have offered him major roles in their organizations, but Warren stuck with the Vikings, even through some of the darker times.

That kind of commitment is nothing new to Warren though. As a youngster, he never saw the point of doing anything at a level any less than his personal best. A recent article on the Spokesman-Recorder website spoke with the chief operating officer about his past and how he gives his all.

"“I am not into waste. I don’t like seeing people waste time, food, and the biggest pet peeve of all, waste their talents and opportunities,” said Warren."

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Of course, the Minnesota Vikings franchise is well aware of how important Kevin Warren is. His attention to detail and ability to deal with hard situations has helped make him one of the most respected individuals in the organization. Much of that could have to do with his upbringing, where he seems to be following in the footsteps of his father.

"“My father was not very militant,” said Warren, “but he was strong-willed and confident.”"

As far as Warren himself, he has a lot of modesty. He knows that he’s not the most talented individual at his profession, but achieves his goals through working hard, preparing well, and thinking outside the box. He also knows not to get comfortable and rest on his position, because things can change at a moment’s notice.

"“Academically I am not the most talented, work-wise I am not the most talented, but I am going to prepare, over prepare, get up early, stay up late, work hard, be creative, make a difference. Push the envelope, because I never know when that opportunity will come again.”"

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The Minnesota Vikings are lucky to have an individual like chief operating officer Kevin Warren working hard to help make the organization as good as possible. Hopefully, with more hard work and creative thinking, Warren can help take the team to the next level.