Minnesota Vikings: Charles Johnson had a broken rib in 2015


Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson had a disappointing 2015 NFL season, but much of that can be attributed to a painful broken rib.

Last year was a very disappointing year for most Minnesota Vikings wide receivers. With high-profile (and high-priced) veteran Mike Wallace not playing up to expectations and a drop in performance from Charles Johnson, rookie Stefon Diggs stepped into the spotlight.

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Now, with 2015 in the rear-view mirror, the Vikings are moving on without Mike Wallace and some news has come out about why Charles Johnson missed as many games as he did during the 2015 NFL season.

According to an article on the ESPN website, a broken rib had Johnson in a lot of pain last year. He hoped that the pain would subside and he could play through the injury, but the young wide receiver ended up missing several games and even being deactivated toward the end of the year.

Johnson explained the pain, as well as the injury, following a recent workout with Vikings teammates in Florida and a benefit event in Minnesota to ESPN:

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"“Before that [Bears game], if I would jog, every step I took it would pop out,” Johnson said. “It was pretty painful, but I think around that time I was able to manage…I broke the 10th one I think, or something like that. And it would keep shifting. That stuff is painful. You can’t sneeze, can’t move. Laughing hurts. It’s all good now, I’m good. I’ve got a strong rib.”"

Now, the Minnesota Vikings could be looking at a wide receiver in the 2016 NFL Draft to help quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Also, the emergence of Adam Thielen, the physical talent of Cordarrelle Patterson and the reliable Jarius Wright makes the wide receiver situation a jumbled mess, but Johnson is ready to play hard and prove that he’s worthy of getting playing time for the team.

"“It’s really not going to affect me and my approach to the season,” Johnson said. “Just do my thing, give everything I have. May the best man win.”"

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The wide receiver competition will be a fun one to watch in camp, as several players will be fighting for a starting role and playing time, as well as a spot on the Minnesota Vikings 53-man roster during the 2016 season. Hopefully, Charles Johnson can bounce back and look like the dynamic pass catcher fans saw in 2014.