Brian Robison wants to retire with the Minnesota Vikings


Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison wants to retire from the NFL with the team, but the talented pass rusher isn’t ready to quit the game yet.

In today’s NFL, it can be rare for a player to finish his career with the same team they started with. Back in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected defensive end Brian Robison in the fourth round with the 102nd overall selection.

Now, entering his 10th year with the Vikings, the question about how long Robison can be an effective pass rusher has become a common discussion. After seeing veteran linebacker Chad Greenway get one more year to finish his career with Minnesota after this season, it has been shown values the commitment to long-term players.

According to a recent interview on the website for the Jamestown Sun, Brian Robison spoke about people asking him about how much longer he plans on playing and how he responds to these kind of questions:

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"“It seems like I get asked it every day,” said Robison, who turns 33 on April 27. “Aunts and uncles, people you see every once in a while, when they see you they ask you those things. It’s like I’m getting old or something. I tell them all the same thing, ‘I really don’t know. I just take it day by day and we’ll figure out where we’re at, at the end of the season.’”"

Brian Robison knows how the NFL can be. It’s a business, and if a younger, cheaper player can come along and doing the same job as a veteran, odds are that the team will make the change. But his drive and determination for success and desire to win a Super Bowl keep him going.

"“I’m grateful that I’m going to get this year in,” Robison said. “Playing 10 years in one place is obviously something that not a whole lot of people get to accomplish. My whole mindset now is basically on winning a Super Bowl championship and bringing that to Minnesota.”"

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Hopefully, things can work out for Brian Robison the same way they did for Chad Greenway. Having great veteran leaders on a young team can make a world of difference when developing young talent and creating a cohesive locker room. But, for now, the defensive end will focus on kicking butt during the 2016 NFL season.