Minnesota Vikings: Returning to the playoffs is not easy


For the Minnesota Vikings, it is great to look back on an exciting 2015 NFL season. However, the team knows that returning to the playoffs isn’t always easy.

There is nothing better for an NFL fan than having their favorite franchise be a contender year-in and year-out. Knowing that the team has the talent and execution to be in the playoffs on a regular basis can let fans know they are part something special with the team.

With the Minnesota Vikings winning the NFC North in 2015, fans already have that mindset that the team is going to return to the playoffs and make a deep run. Well, head coach Mike Zimmer isn’t the optimist that fans seem to be, but he knows the team has the talent and perseverance to make it happen according to an article on Vikings.com.

"“There’s no guarantees moving forward. Next year is a whole new year,” Zimmer said. “Things happen, you don’t know, different schedule, all kinds of things. But the one thing that I know about this football team is they work and they’re high character guys.”"

But Zimmer isn’t the only one who is ready to get back to work. As expected, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is happy with the foundation that the franchise is built on and work hard to help make the Minnesota Vikings one of the best teams in the league for the 2106 NFL season.

"“I think there was a foundation that was laid this year,” Bridgewater said in January. “That’s something we want to continue to build on.”"

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There is still a lot left to work out for the Vikings before fans should be talking Super Bowls. Mike Zimmer has yet to get his first playoff win as a head coach and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has yet to experience that joy as well. But with two hard-workers like them at the helm for the franchise heading into the future, fans can rest assured that the team will be doing everything they can to raise more banners than just the 2015 NFC North Championship banner in U.S. Bank Stadium.