Jared Allen: 5 times the Vikings legend was straight up crazy

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1. Jared Allen punches Ray Edwards in the junk

How did Jared Allen wind up delivering arguably the most infamous crotch-punch in NFL history? Well, one day Vikings’ long-snapper Cullen Loeffler was hurt, so Allen was forced to enter the game. Yes, Jared Allen used to be the Vikings’ backup long-snapper. He also played a little tight end during his time in Kansas City. Truly, he was a man of many talents.

Anyway, the Vikings happened to be playing the Falcons the day Allen had to go in for Loeffler, and the Falcons happened to have Allen’s old teammate Ray Edwards playing for them. Edwards and Allen lined up on opposite sides for a place kick and, long story short, Allen ended up on the ground below Edwards and decided to say hello to him by popping him in the junk with his fist.

This was all totally friendly and playful, you understand. After the game Allen said that he gave Edwards fair warning of the coming punch:

"“Ray is obviously a former teammate and friend of mine. I told him before the snap that he’s known for blowing up the long snapper on the field goal,” Allen said.” “So I told him: ‘You run me over here, I’m going to punch you square in your wiener, dude.’”"

Jared Allen will punch you in the crotch but he will warn you first. Kind of guy he is.

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