Jared Allen: 5 times the Vikings legend was straight up crazy

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2. Jared Allen almost gets into a bar fight

Allen’s early career with the Chiefs was marred by some questionable off-field behavior, including a pair of DUI arrests leading to a four-game suspension. At the time Allen was traded to the Vikings, many questioned whether he would ever be able to stay out of trouble, and more than a few people thought the Vikings made a big mistake signing Allen to a contract in light of his arrest record.

In hindsight, we had no reason to worry about Allen’s reputation. He stayed out of trouble during his time with the Vikings and actually grew into a great team leader and solid citizen. However, Allen didn’t lose all his wild man party tendencies when he came to Minnesota. One night TMZ caught footage of Allen nearly getting into a fight at a bar in Scottsdale, AZ.

Allen allegedly blew up after a bar patron said a nasty thing about his fiancee. Understandable that Allen would lose his mind after something like that. Thankfully for Allen and the Vikings, things did not escalate beyond shouting and threats. Definitely don’t want to make Jared Allen mad.

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