Jared Allen: 5 times the Vikings legend was straight up crazy

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3. Jared Allen dresses up as a turkey

Allen was probably one of the funniest players in Vikings history if not the funniest. A big part of his charm was his willingness to make fun of himself as evidenced by the time he dressed up as a turkey and messed around in a Twin Cities grocery store.

The best part: Jared climbs into a grocery cart and rides out of the store with all the turkeys. I am going to assume somebody paid for the turkeys.

By the way, while we’re on the subject of Jared’s antics, how about the time he chased around a little person on Kenny Mayne’s show? This is a bit weird.

Not the post politically correct comedy bit of all-time. But then Jared never did care much for political correctness.

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