Jared Allen: 5 times the Vikings legend was straight up crazy

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4. Jared Allen gets in a fight with Donald Penn

Jared would get fired up on the field from time to time, but normally he kept his emotions in check. A couple times however Jared did let the heat of the moment push him beyond his ability to contain himself. Probably the most striking example of this was when he got into a fight with Buccaneers offensive tackle Donald Penn.

The Vikings were losing at home in the third quarter to Tampa Bay when Penn gave Allen a little business after the whistle and Allen, not taking kindly to Penn’s abuse, came back at him. Penn ended up knocking Allen’s helmet off and bloodying the bridge of Allen’s nose, which only caused Allen to get more angry.

The refs called penalties on both players and when the action finally got underway again, with the Metrodome crowd absolutely roaring, Allen beat Penn off the snap and sacked Josh Freeman. And that’s how Jared Allen gets revenge on guys who bloody his nose.

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