Minnesota Vikings draft picks going into the 2016 NFL Draft


The 2016 NFL Draft is only 4 days away, so here is a list of the selections that the Minnesota Vikings own the rights to going into the three day event.

This is a stressful time for the NFL, its teams, and fans around the world. It seems as though every individual has a player or group of players they’d like to see their favorite team select, and that’s no different for the Minnesota Vikings.

Whether you’re hoping the Vikings aim for a wide receiver, lineman, defensive player or position, odds are that an astounding number of fans will be tuning in to the 2016 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 28, 2016 to see which college football star will be joining their favorite franchise.

To help prepare for the live event in Chicago, fans should take a look over the selections that the Minnesota Vikings will have available to them during the 2016 NFL Draft. This year, the team will have 8 picks, with two of those selections coming in the seventh round.

Here is the list of selections as listed on Vikings.com:

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Round 1 – Pick 23 (#23 overall)
Round 2 – Pick 23 (#54 overall)
Round 3 – Pick 23 (#86 overall)
Round 4 – Pick 23 (#121 overall)
Round 5 – Pick 23 (#160 overall)
Round 6 – Pick 5 (#180 overall)
Round 7 –  Pick 19 (#240 overall)
Round 7 –  Pick 23 (#244 overall)

Of course, all of these selections aren’t written in stone. In fact, many of these are likely to change with how Minnesota Vikings general manager likes to move around in the draft and either move up for highly prized prospects or move down to acquire more selections.

Since none of these selections were earned by compensatory means, all of them are eligible to be traded and could be used to either select a player or be traded away. This allows the Vikings to be creative and maneuver themselves around the draft order without sacrificing future draft picks unless Minnesota decides to make a huge move on draft day.

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Be sure to tune in to the 2016 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 28, 2016 to find out who the next players to join the Minnesota Vikings will be. Will your favorite players make the cut, or will the team surprise you with a selection you didn’t see coming? Find out in just 4 days!