Skip Bayless thinks Vikings will go 10-6, make playoffs


Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of ESPN debated whether the Minnesota Vikings will make the playoffs again in 2016.

This morning on ESPN, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe spent a good seven minutes debating whether the Minnesota Vikings will go back to the playoffs again in 2016.

What inspired this particular conversation? Of course, it was Adrian Peterson’s recent comments about the Vikings winning the Super Bowl.

Whenever Adrian Peterson speaks, hot takes are sure to follow.

Speaking of hot takes, Sharpe also had plenty to say about Peterson’s assertion that Teddy Bridgewater reminds him of Tom Brady. Let’s just say Shannon was not a fan of AD using Brady to make a point about Bridgewater’s game.

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If you don’t bother getting the full context, Peterson’s Bridgewater-Brady comparison probably sounds dumb. But in my mind Peterson actually made a pretty decent point.

Getting back to the crux of the debate: Can the Vikings go back to the playoffs in 2016?

Shannon Sharpe thinks that a year after going 11-5 the Vikings will take a couple steps back and finish 9-7. He also thinks the Vikings will get swept this year by the resurgent Packers.

Whatever Shannon!

Brace yourselves now for what Skip Bayless has to say. According to Skip, the Vikings will go 10-6 and make the playoffs.

Skip thinks Norv Turner can help Teddy Bridgewater develop the same way he helped Troy Aikman. He also is a big fan of the Vikings’ second-round cornerback Mackensie Alexander.

I know, it’s hard having to agree with Skip Bayless, but there it is. As of today, Bayless is feeling what the Vikings are laying down, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

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You know, when I think about it, Skip Bayless really gets a bad rap. People hate on Bayless but I actually think he is an acute observer with a keen football mind.

I’m starting to like this Bayless guy. I think I’ll have to check him out when he moves over to Fox.