Minnesota Vikings fans and players won over by Coach Zimmer


It’s been a while since a head coach for the Minnesota Vikings was both liked and respected, but in 2 years, Mike Zimmer has won over the team and its fans.

Just two offseasons ago, the Minnesota Vikings were searching for their next head coach. After failed attempts promoting defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and offensive mind Brad Childress to the position, things were looking bleak that the team could find a long-term leader for the franchise.

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There was a lot of debate about who the right man for the job was. With all the great names being thrown around in the mix, Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer seemed like a longshot. The fans thought the team would look to an offensive genius to guide the team or that they would pursue a more established head coach.

However, that wasn’t the case. After an incredible run with successful teams like the Bengals and Cowboys, Zimmer landed his first head coaching gig with the Minnesota Vikings and things haven’t looked better for the boys in purple in a long time.

According to a recent article on the Vikings official website, it is not only Zimmer’s hard-nosed approach to football and the fact he has helped turn around the struggling franchise that has won fans over in the short time, but it is the man himself who knows how to talk to players as well as reporters.

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Linebacker Chad Greenway is one of the players who has learned to love the head coach, stating that his success is no fluke.

"“I think he’s very popular,” Greenway told Twin Cities media members. “A lot of guys want to know, ‘Is he the real deal, or not?’ The reality is he’s a great football coach, and we love playing for him.”"

As if an endorsement from one of the longest-tenured players in the franchise wasn’t enough, former MVP and 2015 NFL rushing champion Adrian Peterson didn’t hold back when praising Mike Zimmer.

"“We’re truthful with one another, open,” Peterson said. “He can tell me what’s on his mind without holding anything back, and I do the same as well. When you have that type of relationship, it’s easy to be on the same page and to not take things personal, even if it comes across maybe in the wrong light or you don’t like what that person has to say. You can take it as truth, because you have a feeling and understanding that that person has your best interests.”"

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It’s amazing what Mike Zimmer has been able to do with a team that lacked direction and focus in such a small time. With the reason for his success coming from different areas of his personality and expertise, it is likely that Zimmer will continue finding ways to win games.