Minnesota Vikings: John Sullivan working hard to return


John Sullivan missed the 2015 season with a back issue, but is working hard to return to the Minnesota Vikings healthy and ready to start at center again.

Last season, the Minnesota Vikings struggled to stay healthy on the offensive line. Two veteran pieces of their first line of protection went down early, as center John Sullivan and offensive tackle Phil Loadholt sustained injuries that forced them onto injured reserve.

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Now, both those players are looking to make big returns to their squads for the 2016 NFL season. Loadholt is already on record as saying that he feels 100 percent better, but things had been mostly silent when it came to the status of Sullivan.

Thankfully, the folks over at the TwinCities.com Pioneer Press gave fans an update on the bruising center. In their article, they talked about lifestyle and diet changes as well as some information on his expectations for the upcoming season.

"“I’m not eating at restaurants very much; I’m not drinking at all,” Sullivan said. “I’m really focused on being as healthy as possible,” Sullivan said. “I’m cognizant of what I eat at all times. I don’t have cheat meals. … Just working out with Brent and his program is excellent. He does a really good job of focusing on muscle activation. … I feel like I’m moving well when I get on the field. I don’t even think about my injuries from a year ago, so I’m really feeling good.”"

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Putting his injuries behind him and moving forward is the best thing that Sullivan can do. Losing some weight, keeping healthy, and being active are great ways to not only take pressure off his back but help prepare him for the upcoming season.

Speaking of practice, that’s where he’s going to keep doing all he can to return to the team and be an effective part of the Minnesota Vikings offense. But he knows he still has to earn everything this season and no job will be handed to him upon his return.

"“I’m going out there every single day and playing as hard as I can, doing what I do, and the decision who the starter is will be completely up to the coaches,” he said. “It’s out of my control, and I’m only focused on what I can control, and that’s what I do on the field.”"

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You can see John Sullivan and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings this year as they continue to push for a deeper run into the NFL playoffs. Whether Sullivan will be a major part of that push isn’t yet known, but it’s great to hear him doing everything he can to help make the team as great as possible going forward.