Minnesota Vikings taking steps toward the Super Bowl


The Minnesota Vikings may have won the NFC North in 2015, but the team is focused on continuing to take steps to improve until they reach the Super Bowl.

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings got excited when the team won their division for the first time in 6 years, but the way their playoff run ended made fans wonder what could have been. However, nobody was more disappointed than the Vikings players themselves.

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But that disappointment appears to be turning into motivation for the team, as they are setting their sights on bigger and better things. Of course every team in the NFL wants to win the Super Bowl, but not every squad has the kind of talent to keep improving and pushing toward a championship ring.

According to an interview with Chad Greenway on mitchellrepublic.com, The Vikings are very proud of winning the NFC North championship, but know what the real goal is for the team going forward.

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"“We didn’t get nearly where we wanted to be with our goals. We wanted to win the Super Bowl and that’s the only goal, really. We got the NFC North title, but that’s just one step in a long process of trying to get a Super Bowl in Minnesota.”"

Of course, the Vikings are filling in as many holes as they can in order to help achieve their goals. They spent a lot of money on the offensive line and used a top draft pick on a dynamic pass catcher to help make the offensive more competitive.

The one thing the team isn’t concerned about is respect from opponents and the media, as that will come with success.

"“The reality is we have go out there and win ball games. If we do that, we’ll get the respect we either deserve or don’t deserve. We want to be in a place to make the playoffs.”"

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Chad Greenway has only one season left on his contract and will likely hand up his cleats following the 2016 NFL season. For Greenway, this year may be the last chance he has to reach the Super Bowl, so it can be assured that he will be doing everything he can to get the Minnesota Vikings to that level this year.