Vikings TE Rudolph: ‘The world revolves around fantasy football’


Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph my not be putting up monstrous fantasy football numbers, but he’s doing the right things to help the team win.

In the world of fantasy football, Kyle Rudolph isn’t a hot commodity. The tight end has never caught 10 or more touchdowns in a season and has also never eclipsed the 500 yard receiving mark.

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But it’s the small things that set Kyle Rudolph apart from other tight ends. In a league where a majority of the attention for the position goes to pass catching tight ends like Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski, Rudolph keeps a low profile and a willingness to get his hands dirty in the trenches.

According to an article on the Pioneer Press website, Rudolph is very proud of his ability to block in both the run and the pass game as well as contribute with yardage and touchdowns in the offense even though he knows that recognition won’t likely come from the fans until he’s a bigger fantasy football target.

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"“The world revolves around fantasy football,” Rudolph lamented. “That’s just the nature of sports right now, and that’s just the way it is. But I know that when I come to work every Monday, and I (watch) the film, I may have only caught two balls, but if I did my job in the run game and pass protection, (Vikings coach Mike Zimmer) is going to be happy.”"

It is that kind of attitude that helped net Rudolph a 5 year contract extension with the Minnesota Vikings worth $36.5 million. Being willing to put his nose to the grindstone and initiate some contact is the kind of toughness that head coach Mike Zimmer loves from his players, including the skill positions.

"“Route running and catching balls, to many, is all that matters. But it’s also (about) being one of the best blockers, one of the best pass protectors.”"

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Kyle Rudolph and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings will return for the 2016 NFL season when they make U.S. Bank Stadium their new home and attempt to defend the NFC North championship.