Vikings and Minnesota honor and respect Chad Greenway


Chad Greenway has done a lot for the Vikings and the state of Minnesota, earning him a lot of respect from the team and the surrounding communities.

There is little debate over whether or not Chad Greenway has been one of the best parts of a struggling Minnesota Vikings franchise over the years. After leading the team in tackles for several seasons and becoming a vocal leader, it is hard to imagine the team without the hard-nosed linebacker.

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Greenway announced the 2016 season would be his final year in the league. This should help inspire him to work even harder toward winning a Super Bowl, but that motivation isn’t necessary. The former first round draft pick only has one speed: top gear.

Because of his excellent effort on the field as well as his continuing charitable activity in the Minnesota area, he is a well-liked and well-respected member of the community. This was evidenced in a recent article on the Star Tribune website where it was revealed that Greenway had received a key to the city of Minneapolis.

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"“I can use this to break into all the buildings, right?” Greenway said."

Greenway also revealed that he plans to stay in the state following his retirement. He wishes to remain in the Twin Cities area and continue to have a connection to both the area and the Minnesota Vikings franchise.

But first, his main focus is the 2016 NFL season where he wants to help take the Minnesota Vikings as far as possible.

"“We have a good team. We’re young and very talented. But you have to have a hot quarterback at the right time and put things together. So many things have to happen before we’re back where we want to be. I’m looking forward to it. Enjoying every minute of it, really.”"

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Best of luck to Chad Greenway during his final season with the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully, he can go out in style like Peyton Manning did just one season ago. But if that doesn’t happen, the linebacker has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, as he always gave it his all, on and off the football field.