Chad Johnson challenges Vikings CB Trae Waynes


Chad Johnson is helping out Trae Waynes with his offseason work, and there is McDonald’s involved.

His NFL career may be over but Chad Johnson still knows how to get his name out there. On Tuesday Johnson drew attention by popping up on Twitter with a challenge for a pair of young NFL cornerbacks.

In typical Ochocinco fashion, there was some bluster involved. Hey, it wouldn’t be Ochocinco without a little trash talk.

Before heading to the practice field to offer some schooling for Trae Waynes and Darqueze Dennard, Johnson got in a little mid-afternoon snack. McDonald’s and a cigar? It’s all part of a healthy diet.

By now you’re probably on the edge of your seat wondering how the showdown between the 38-year-old Johnson and the 23-year-old Waynes played out. Well…

I honestly can’t say. Johnson didn’t exactly offer a lot of details after the fact. He did tweet a couple images from the session.

So I guess we’ll never know if Waynes or Dennard got Johnson to cough up the $100 he promised if either of them could get a hand on him. That however is kind of irrelevant. The important thing is that Trae Waynes got some valuable practice time with a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to playing wide receiver.

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In the future, Waynes will have to dial up a different mentor if he wants to workout because Johnson will reportedly be working for the Browns.