Minnesota Vikings team value jumps by 38 percent in 2016


The Minnesota Vikings having a winning season and a new home in U.S. Bank Stadium has caused the team’s value to soar according to Forbes magazine.

For a long time, the Minnesota Vikings were one of lowest appraised teams in the NFL. With an outdated stadium, a struggling franchise, and a frequent turnover of ownership, the squad’s small market made them one of the hardest teams in the league to find value in.

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Thankfully, much of that has changed. Along with a better product on the field, the Minnesota Vikings have gone a long way to solidify their standing. The Wilf family has been holding down things in the ownership department while making sure the team didn’t exit the state.

In addition, the ability to finance a new stadium for the team to play in, as well as hold other events as well, only helps to increase the value of the franchise. With U.S. Bank Stadium ready for its inaugural year, the fantasy of the Minnesota Vikings becoming one of the premiere teams in the NFL is becoming reality.

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However, the team isn’t quite there yet. According to an article by Forbes, the Minnesota Vikings are the 39th most valuable sports franchise on Earth, raising 19 spots in the rankings. Not only that, but they’ve become the 18th most valuable NFL franchise, passing the Carolina Panthers this year. The team’s value went up 38% over the past year, and that number is likely to increase again in significant fashion if the revenue from games at U.S. Bank Stadium meets expectations.

The NFL dominated the list, owning 27 of the top 50 spots on the list, proving that the sport of Football in the United States continues to grow and develop while other sports are struggling to hold on to or maintain their values.

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This list from Forbes just adds to the reasons why it is a great time to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. The Wilf family hasn’t been afraid to throw money at the franchise to help build it back up, and that investment has paid off in a big way for the team as well as the NFL.