U.S. Bank Stadium: Vikings fan Prince immortalized in artwork


Minnesota Vikings superfan Prince will have his legacy honored with a ‘Purple Reign’ painting showing his Super Bowl performance inside U.S. Bank Stadium.

Many fans of the Minnesota Vikings were saddened when they discovered that Minneapolis native and legendary musician Prince had passed away. April 21, 2016 was a rough day for people all over the world who love the color purple and still know every word to the song “Purple Rain“.

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While saying goodbye to Prince was hard, his legacy will always live on in the hearts of fans all around the world. But there will also be another place where fans can remember all the great times Prince entertained them: U.S. Bank Stadium.

According to an article on the Star Tribune website, an artist named Nicholas Schleif will have a piece on display memorializing when Prince from the time played the halftime show of Super Bowl XLI. From a distance, it will look like an ordinary painting, but fans getting up close to the piece.

The painting will be made up of unmistakable lyrics against the colored backdrop and contains heavy doses of both purple and yellow, colors that fans of the Minnesota Vikings have grown to love.

Here is a photo of the painting as shared by SERPAN99 on Twitter:


Here is the panting from a couple of different angles, including a closeup to see the lyrics that span across the work itself and the plaque that will be at U.S. Bank Stadium to explain the artwork, artist, and motivation to those interested in the piece.

The artwork of Nicholas Schleif should be nothing new to Minnesota Vikings fans. In the past, he created a piece in a similar style to ‘Purple Reign’ honoring former head coach and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Bud Grant.

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‘Purple Reign’ from Nicholas Schleif is a fantastic addition to U.S. Bank Stadium. Not only does it honor a hardcore fan of the Minnesota Vikings, but it will serve as a reminder that the building will be home to more than just football. Concerts, events, and so much more will take place inside its walls, but sadly Prince will never be able to perform in the stadium himself.