Minnesota Vikings: Monday practice stormy and aggressive


Monday was a pretty crazy practice for the Minnesota Vikings, as almost nothing went right. Storms, fights, and tension flowed through the team that day.

Minnesota Vikings practice started off on a bad foot in Mankato, Minnesota. The start time was delayed because of a storm, but that just seemed to be a precursor for things to come at training camp.

After 20 minutes, the team took the field for practice. Perhaps it was the inability to let aggressive out on the field during that time or the competitive nature of the team, but during some drills, an incident happened between cornerback Jabari Price and rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell which led to a tackle and punches being thrown.

Here is a video discussing the practice from kaaltv.com:

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Captain Munnerlyn discussed the skirmish between the two hard-headed players, but the veteran had some wise words about fighting with teammates.

"“The fighting thing, it’s a team thing, but at the same time we’ve got to be smarter than that. We’re teammates. You can break a hand when you’re swinging at helmets and things, but at the same time it’s competition. The team just wants to get better and we want to be great.”"

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Having the Vikings first round draft pick shatter his hand on a teammate’s helmet by throwing punches would be an awful thing. And it’s never great to see teammates fighting. However, this is the competitive nature that the Minnesota Vikings have been developing over the years and the fact these players are willing to throw down says a lot about who they are and how intensely they want to get better.

"“It was funny because I told both those guys, ‘Man, you know you both had helmets on. You’re hitting helmets. Man, you weren’t feeling the lick at all.’ So they both laughed and I just tried to be the peacemaker in the situation. I told Laquon he had a perfect form tackle out there, though.”"

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The first Minnesota Vikings preseason game will take place in a little over a week. Judging by how hungry this team is for competition and how much aggression they need to get out, these games just can’t come soon enough. But a small fight like this at practice shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as these are professional players with similar goals moving forward.