Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs to be used like Percy Harvin?


The Minnesota Vikings used to love moving Percy Harvin around in their offense, and now it appears as though Stefon Diggs will be used in a similar fashion.

The Minnesota Vikings have some odd situations at wide receiver. In recent history, this position has been a list of veteran pass catchers or draft picks who struggled to fit in and had defined roles in the offense.

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That trend hoped to change with the drafting of Cordarrelle Patterson. As an athletic freak with amazing speed, Patterson excelled on kick returns, but could never seem to grasp the details needed to be an effective wide receiver.

Now, it could be Stefon Diggs’ chance to take on that kind of role in the Minnesota Vikings offense. Much like the past days of Percy Harvin, the team wants to move Diggs around in the formations and make him a threat from numerous different places on the field.

According to the Star Tribune, Diggs doesn’t have a problem with being moved around and is happy as long as he’s on the field playing football.

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"“I haven’t really been able to tell. I feel like I’m playing the same spot,” Diggs said, later adding, “To me, it really doesn’t matter where they line me up.”"

With the drafting of Laquon Treadwell and the re-emergence of Charles Johnson, the versatility of Diggs could play huge dividends for the team. When you add in guys like Jarius Wright and Adam Thielen who can be put in different spots on the offense, Minnesota’s passing game could become one of the most unpredictable in the NFL.

Now, the squad can take a look at the defense and watch for places where Diggs can work against players he may have an advantage against.

"“He was pigeonholed in one spot so we couldn’t move him to take advantage of matchups,” wide receivers coach George Stewart said. “That’s why we preached position flexibility.”"

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Minnesota Vikings fans know that Stefon Diggs will be a big part of the passing offense this season, but it has yet to be seen all the different ways that the young pass catcher will be used. Hopefully, with the improvements on the offensive line and wide receiver talent available, the team will improve greatly upon the struggles of the 2015 NFL season.