Minnesota Vikings argue about who is most Minnesotan


When it comes to the state of they play in, there are some players on the Minnesota Vikings roster who feel they represent the land of 10,000 lakes best.

Taking pride in the state of Minnesota is a fantastic thing. Whether you enjoy the beautiful lakes, hunting, fishing, or city life, there is a little bit of everything to do in the home of the Minnesota Vikings.

However, with so many players from Minnesota on the team’s roster, it was inevitable that an argument would break out between the players about who represents the state the best on the team’s roster.

According to the Pioneer Press, many players from the team have given some thought as to what it means to be from the land of 10,000 lakes. Three long-time residents of the state made their cases as to why they are Minnesotan.

Growing up in Spring Lake Park, tight end Brian Leonhardt has a pretty good idea of what it takes.

"“To be Minnesotan, you’ve got to be able to hunt and fish. You have to have visited at least half the state parks. You need to have been on the north side of Minnesota and the south side, and even the west and east. And I think you’ve got to wear flannel at least once a year.”"

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Wide receiver Isaac Fruechte respects Leonhardt’s Minnesota pride, but believes as a Caledonia native that he has some advantages when it comes to who represents the state best.

"“Brian is not really from a small town, and Caledonia is a small farming community, so I think that right there is a pretty good thing. I definitely hunt and fish. I talked to Brian about beer, and he drinks more Miller than Grain Belt. But I’m there with Grain Belt or Schell’s.”"

But while those two made claims to being the most Minnesotan player on the roster, cornerback and special teams ace Marcus Sherels (who is from Rochester) played the seniority card on both of them.

"“I’ve lived here all my life. I’m the oldest Minnesota guy on the team, so I’d probably say myself, since I’ve lived here the longest.”"

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There is a surprising number of players from the state on the Minnesota Vikings roster. In addition to Leonhardt, Fruechte, and Sherels, there are Adam Thielen (Detroit Lakes), Terrell Sinkfield (Minnetonka), tackle Carter Bykowski (Eden Prairie), and running back C.J. Ham (Duluth). If nothing, the Minnesota Vikings are doing a great job representing the state, no matter which player wins the argument.