Minnesota Vikings sacks turn into school lunches for kids


Each time the Minnesota Vikings sack a quarterback ‘Sacks for Kids’ will donate a school lunch to Twin Cities schools for children in need of assistance.

The Minnesota Vikings defense is off to an amazing start this year. Not only have they been able to hold two of the most powerful offenses in check, but they have helped to bring the team to a 3-0 record to kick off the season.

One of the most interesting parts of the defense is their ability to get pressure on quarterbacks. Through 3 weeks of the NFL season, they lead the league is sacks. They have managed to bring down quarterbacks 15 times so far, with the closest competitor being the Broncos at 12.

Linebacker Eric Kendricks has partnered with The Sheridan Story to create a charity called ‘Sacks for Kids’ that will accept pledges for school lunches based on the number of times opposing quarterbacks have gone down.

Kendricks spoke with FOX 9 about his excitement for the program:

"“For each sack we get, we get a donation,” Kendricks said. “We got eight sacks [against the Panthers], so that makes it pretty exciting!”"

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Meanwhile, Rob Williams of The Sheridan Story thinks it is fun to have the donations based on the on-field performance of the Minnesota Vikings.

"“It’s like fantasy football for donating. You can watch the game and see how many sacks are made and that’s how much you’re able to donate.”"

Sadly, the pledges aren’t quite up to the level that they should be. With all the contributions so far, the average donation is still under $500 per sack. With a little help, those sacks could become even more meaningful during the NFL season.

FOX 9 explained the breakdown:

"“So far, the pledges add up to $427 per sack, but more pledges could increase the donation amount throughout the season.”"

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For more information on how to donate, check out the website of The Sheridan Story. To make a pledge, go to Pledge It and help out. Also, be sure to look into other ways that you can help to spread the word about “Sacks for Kids”. No matter what, both hungry kids in the Twin Cities area and Vikings fans around the world will love every time the team gets a sack.