Anthony Barr asked by TMZ if Prince is helping the Vikings win


TMZ recently caught up with Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr and asked him if the secret to the team’s success involves music legend Prince.

It’s a pretty good time to be a member of the Minnesota Vikings. The team is currently 5-0 on the season and hope to make a big impact on the playoffs during the 2016 National Football League season.

One key piece of that puzzle is linebacker Anthony Barr. As a former first round draft pick in 2014, Barr has used his speed, athleticism, and toughness to make his mark on an already physical defense that is giving up the fewest points per game in the league.

Recently, TMZ caught up with Barr at the airport in Los Angeles, California during his mini-vacation and asked him some very strange questions about the Vikings success. Here is that video as hosted on the official TMZ website:

The strangest part of the video is how within moments of meeting the Minnesota Vikings linebacker the TMZ paparazzi suggests that Prince might have something to do with how the team has been winning football games to this point.

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From the look on Barr’s face when that question is first asked, it’s fairly obvious that he doesn’t want to discuss the topic. However, Barr does credit the hard work of his teammate for what they’ve achieved, but also says that he likes to think that Prince is smiling on the team from up above.

The man from TMZ also tries to get a quote from Barr about hoping to be the best defense in NFL history, but Barr doesn’t bite. Instead he talks about how he hopes the defense can be great and the team is focusing on winning football games.

Next, Anthony Barr is asked what he is doing in Los Angeles. Barr gives the man perhaps the most boring answer he could, saying that he’s looking forward to resting as soon as he can. This opens up a weird story from the TMZ interviewer about sleeping for 12 hours straight.

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Yes, the Minnesota Vikings defense is looking great. No, it isn’t likely because of the blessings of a deceased rock and roll icon. Plus, professional athletes and celebrities like Anthony Barr are people just like you and I. They sleep, they go on vacations, and they laugh when asked silly questions.