Vikings head coach says Anthony Barr ‘has a tendency to coast a little bit’

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer says that linebacker Anthony Barr ‘has a tendency to coast a little bit’, which is a reason for his 2016 struggles.

The Minnesota Vikings have one of the most intimidating defenses in the NFL. They have a strong secondary, talented defensive line, and a dynamic group of linebackers to keep opposing offenses on their toes.

One major piece of that puzzle is Anthony Barr. Since being a first round draft pick for Minnesota in 2014, Barr has surprised many fans with hustle plays, feats of athleticism, and a willingness to do what the team asks.

However, 2016 hasn’t been a great year for the linebacker. According to the Pioneer Press, head coach Mike Zimmer spoke about the situation with Bar and gave an interesting reasoning for his struggles this season.

“Anthony sometimes has a tendency to coast a little bit,’’ head coach Mike Zimmer said Wednesday. “And I think when he cuts it loose a little bit more, I think that’s when you see him making the explosive plays and kind of the wild plays.’’

Barr was the #2 overall linebacker last year in the Pro Football Focus rankings, but that standing has taken a mighty fall. In fact, through 15 weeks of the 2016 NFL season, he is listed at #85, making fans wonder what the issue was.

Although Zimmer offered criticism, he also let out some praise. Well, at least what might be considered praise from the mouth of the hard-nosed head coach.

“It’s not like he’s done terrible,” Zimmer said. “He just hasn’t made the explosive plays that he probably made a year ago.”

Hopefully, Another Barr can regain his focus and return to the level that helped to make him a household name for Minnesota Vikings fans. The team will need him at his very best if they hope to upset the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin on Christmas Eve.

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