The Donut Club Podcast #13 – What is Adrian Peterson’s legacy?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 11: Adrian Peterson /

This week, Adam Patrick is joined by Di Murphy of The Daily Norseman and the two chat for a bit about former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

The Donut Club Podcast returns this week for a new episode hosted by The Viking Age’s own Adam Patrick.

For those who are curious about what this podcast covers, it is one that discusses various Minnesota Vikings-related topics. There are no game recaps, analysis, or previews, just talk about certain subjects that in some way shape or form deal with the world of Vikings football.

On this week’s episode, Adam Patrick is joined by Di Murphy to discuss former Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson and how much time left he has in the NFL. Murphy is known by some for her occasional writing on The Daily Norseman and known by many for her unapologetic Twitter account.

Among some of the talking points Adam and Di went over included…

Di’s immediate reaction to Peterson’s charge of beating his child in 2014.

The NFL’s inconsistent punishments for domestic violence.

How many Vikings jerseys Di owns.

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How close Peterson is to the end of his career.

Di’s favorite dish she’s cooked in the past month.

It was interesting to hear how the Peterson incident from 2014 was interpreted from a woman’s point of view. Most people only have heard the opinions of the everyday sports media personalities on the topic, so it was refreshing to hear Di’s perspective.

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