Bleeding Purple Podcast, Episode 38 – Keenum vs. Teddy, Rams preview

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) Latavius Murray
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) Latavius Murray /

The Viking Age’s own Adam Patrick and fellow co-host Tyler Haag discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ Week 10 win and a bunch of other team-related topics on this week’s show.

Getting a victory in Week 10 was not too surprising for those familiar with the 2017 Minnesota Vikings, but how they ended up with a win is what probably threw a few people off. The Vikings improved their record to 7-2 this season after defeating the Washington Redskins last Sunday 38-30.

After beginning the year 2-2, Minnesota has now won five games in a row and their success is due to a multitude of reasons. The Vikings’ defense is arguably the NFL’s best this season, wide receiver Adam Thielen is playing like an All-Pro, and the team has gotten consistent play out of backup quarterback Case Keenum.

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During this week’s episode of the Bleeding Purple Podcast, Tyler Haag and I discussed Minnesota’s most recent win, as well as a bunch of other topics related to the team and other happenings from around the league. Some of these talking points included…

  • Should we worry about the Vikings’ defense?
  • Diggs and Thielen are really good
  • Keenum can’t be this good, can he?
  • Good idea to start Keenum against the Rams?
  • Best Minnesota sports radio stations
  • Is Zimmer’s “plan” to start Teddy in Week 11?
  • Vikings’ latest touchdown celebrations
  • Adam Thielen is really, really good
  • It’s okay if Teddy fails
  • Looking ahead to the showdown with the Rams
  • Week 11 predictions
  • Random NFL topics

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