Stop freaking out about the Minnesota Vikings’ 2018 draft decisions

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The Minnesota Vikings needed to improve their depth for the upcoming season and that’s exactly what they did during the 2018 NFL Draft.

When it came time for the Minnesota Vikings to make their first selection of the 2018 NFL Draft, there were a couple of routes the team could have taken.

The Vikings could have gone with a number of offensive line options, an athletic tight end, or another cornerback for head coach Mike Zimmer to add to his defensive arsenal. Minnesota ended up picking UCF corner Mike Hughes in the first round last Thursday.

Following the selection of Hughes and then the addition of Pittsburgh offensive tackle Brian O’Neill in the second round on Friday, a good amount of Vikings fans took to social media to express their disappoint in the team’s start to the draft.

Despite the reactions, both Hughes and O’Neill were great selections by Minnesota. Hughes was considered one of the top corners in the class by most draft experts and the Vikings were definitely not going to pass on him when he was still available in the first round.

As for O’Neill, Minnesota got a very athletic offensive tackle that could develop into an important part of their line for a number of years. In his last two seasons at Pittsburgh, he gave up a grand total of one sack in 1,651 snaps.

Minnesota Vikings
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Minnesota Vikings

Some of the disappointment may come from fans hoping for players that the Vikings can just plug into their 2018 starting lineup. But that’s not what Minnesota was aiming for in this draft.

Who the Vikings drafted this year shows that the team was looking to improve their depth and plan for the future. With Hughes, O’Neill, and fourth-round selection Jayln Holmes, Minnesota has possible replacements for Trae Waynes, Mike Remmers, and Sheldon Richardson if needed.

Yes, the Vikings are trying to win a Super Bowl in 2018. But they are also attempting to maintain their success under Zimmer for the future.

Young players with a year of experience under their belt are more likely to perform better than a rookie. Minnesota knows this and they will probably spend this season preparing their 2018 draft class for some more meaningful playing time in 2019.

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If Vikings fans really want something to freak out about, go ahead and complain about the team drafting a kicker. You have every right in the world to mad about that decision.