Ben Leber says the Minnesota Vikings have a target on their backs

Expectations are high for the Minnesota Vikings during the 2018 NFL season and analyst Ben Leber sees this as a challenge for the team and its fans.

Last season, the Minnesota Vikings impressed nearly everyone by having the number one defense in the NFL and making a deep playoff run that ended in Philadelphia at the hands of the Eagles in the Conference Championship game.

There is no reason to think that this year’s team has any less potential. After retaining their key free agents and bringing in Sheldon Richardson, Kirk Cousins, and Kendall Wright, expectations should be as high as ever.

It is great to see Minnesota among the favorites to reach the Super Bowl in 2018, but that also means that the Vikings will not be surprising any teams who now understand just how talented the franchise is.

In a recent interview on the KDLT NBC website, former linebacker and current analyst Ben Leber spoke about how the lofty expectations have placed a target on the franchise that both players and fans should embrace.

“For the next three years, they have a target on their back and I think, as fans, that’s what we want,” Leber said. “We want to be relevant…not just from Week 1 but all the way through Week 17 and the playoffs.”

Several Minnesota Vikings players have gotten massive contract extensions recently. Xavier Rhodes, Eric Kendricks, and Danielle Hunter are among the individuals who got locked down long-term by Minnesota. Combine that with the three years Kirk Cousins is with the team, and the window of expectations should be three years.

Fans of the Vikings know better than to get their hopes too high. Despite all the talent on the roster and the success last year, there has been enough heartbreak over the years that the past has proven that high expectations don’t always result in success.

Still, it has to be a good feeling to know that other teams are entering games against the Minnesota Vikings expecting a tough fight. Whether or not those fights go in favor of the purple and gold will be seen this season.