Kids challenge Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen in trivia contests

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Everson Griffen - Minnesota Vikings
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Everson Griffen - Minnesota Vikings /

Everson Griffen is an amazing pass rusher for the Minnesota Vikings. Recently he showed off his trivia skills by going head to head with young fans.

On the football field, Everson Griffen is a key component in the Minnesota Vikings number one defense where his main tasks are to get to the opposing quarterback as well as contain the edge against the run.

The dynamic pass rusher recently took some time out of his busy schedule of work and family life to go head-to-head with some young fans in a game of trivia called ‘Are You Smarter Than A Player’.

The series kicked off with Griffen taking on Annaliese K. from Eagan, Minnesota where 10 questions were asked and a winner was crowned. Check out that video from the official YouTube channel of the Vikings:

Griffen was successful in his game against Annaliese (who was sporting an excellent Harrison Smith jersey). showing off his knowledge of the oceans, Dr. Suess, and more.

Next, he played a game against Alehsha R. from Mankato. Interestingly, the Vikings moved on from Mankato as the home of their training camp and will call Eagan their home this season, which is where Everson’s previous opponent is from.

Check out Griffen taking on Alehsha in the second trivia contest:

Alehsha comes out of the gate and builds a lead against Griffen that he cannot overcome. He gets a bad start after not being able to name three foods that come from cows and getting a question wrong about elephant trunks. From there, Alehsha holds her lead and walks away with the first win.

Gavin W. from Rochester is the third opponent to take on Everson. Check out that video from YouTube:

Griffen’s knowledge of kids books and movies continued to be on display with great answers about Winnie The Pooh and the movie Cars. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat Gavin, and Griffen fell to 1-2 against the kids.

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Odds are that more videos might be posted pitting Everson Griffen against other young fans of the Minnesota Vikings, so keep an eye on the team’s official YouTube channel in case more videos are released in the future.