Philly writer: Minnesota Vikings fans are ‘Charmin soft’

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PhillyVoice staff writer Jimmy Kempski recently wrote about the Minnesota Vikings and could not resist the urge to disrespect the team’s fans from behind his keyboard.

It’s pretty old news by now. The Minnesota Vikings suffered a royal beatdown at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2017 NFC Championship and many Vikings fans have been able to move on from the disappointing result.

Minnesota’s fans have even stopped wasting their breath on complaining about Eagles fans who threw glass beer bottles at them and their team’s bus, harassed Pat Elflien’s mother when her son suffered a broken ankle during the game, urinated on their hats, and sent them to the hospital with a sucker punch.

However, the same cannot be said for those who root and cover Philadelphia, despite their team going on to defeat the New England Patriots and deliver the franchise its first ever Super Bowl win.

Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings /

Minnesota Vikings

Recently, PhillyVoice staff writer Jimmy Kempski wrote an article titled “10 reasons the Vikings will be a dumpster fire this season”. Kempski has written similar articles for other teams as well including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and even the Eagles.

However, for the Minnesota piece, he basically used it as another opportunity to rip on the team’s fans. It took Kempski just six sentences before he referred to Vikings fans as, “Charmin soft,” and people who, “need some toughening up.”

The article is basically full of lazy analysis (especially saying the Minnesota offensive line only suffered, “some,” injuries in 2016) and a bunch of gibberish put together by someone who sounds bitter that he does not currently write for Deadspin.

Kempski did not even provide the 10 reasons he promised in the title of his piece. Instead he claimed that the Vikings’ flaws are just too easy to list to waste any time writing about them.

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Although, it is the NFL offseason and it can be difficult at times to find topics to write about. Especially since an Eagles player hasn’t assaulted an elderly woman or a cabana boy lately.