Minnesota Vikings Preseason: Breaking down their 2020 schedule

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings released their preseason schedule for the upcoming season as here’s a breakdown of every opponent, dates, times, and more.

As the Minnesota Vikings prepare for the regular season, they will eventually welcome preseason action. It’s a great test to see how weeks of training camp will be put into play in order to see which players get it and which ones need more time in the film room. This upcoming preseason will be much of the same Vikings fans have seen over the years.

The Vikings will start their preseason at home against the Houston Texans followed by two away games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns respectively. They will end the preseason at home against the Seattle Seahawks for the fifth straight year.

With a plethora of new faces on the team, especially on defense, all eyes will be on if the Vikings can once again be a contending team in 2020. It won’t be easy as their defense at this point in time has several question marks around it.

The Minnesota Vikings will use the preseason to gauge their defense

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Will their secondary continue to be problematic? Will they even have any kind of presence when it comes to their overall pass rush? Will there be growing pains on defense early and often when the regular season starts?

All these questions remain to be answered but this is why the preseason is so important to gauge where the Vikings’ defense is in the grand scheme of things.

In an article written by Craig Peters of Vikings.com, here’s the full Vikings preseason schedule:

Week 1: Houston Texans @ Minnesota Vikings (7:00 PM CT on 8/14)
Week 2: Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals (6:00 PM CT on 8/21)
Week 3: Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns (3:00 PM CT on 8/30)
Week 4: Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings (7:00 PM CT on 9/3)

Hopefully, the Vikings have a good preseason without any severe injuries and get an idea of how their defense can execute assignments, coverage, and start developing a new identity for the regular season. If the Vikings get lucky and all their young new defensive players develop faster than expected, it would be quite a pleasant surprise since many are skeptical.

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Overall, it’s no secret that many outlets believe the Vikings’ defense will undoubtedly be an issue due to a lack of experienced talent. All one can hope is head coach Mike Zimmer and new defensive coordinators Andre Patterson and Adam Zimmer work with what they have and get everyone ready for the task at hand in 2020.