Minnesota Vikings: Fans will be allowed to drink alcohol outside stadium

Minnesota Vikings (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Minnesota Vikings (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings will now be able to drink alcohol outside of US Bank Stadium at Commons Park which will be great in case the season begins with no fans allowed.

At this point in time, the NFL will continue on as planned when it comes to the upcoming season. With the current pandemic that is happening across the globe, there might be a chance that regular-season games will be played without fans physically in attendance. Can you imagine the Minnesota Vikings playing a home game in US Bank Stadium and not a single fan will be in the stands to cheer them on?

It’s something that could be a reality due to safety protocols that the NFL might put into place to allow a safe experience for players, coaches, and team personnel. Luckily, the city of Minneapolis is preparing for such a situation by passing a new legislature that will allow the Vikings to sell alcohol outside of their stadium on game days at Commons Park.

In an article written by Rochelle Olson of Star Tribune, she confirmed that the Vikings will have the option to allow a fun, tailgating-inspired experience before the Vikings play at home in Minnesota. Fans will be able to hang out at Commons Park, drink alcohol, play fun tailgating games, and throw the football around just like before.

Minnesota Vikings fans can drink alcohol outside of US Bank Stadium in 2020

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In the grand scheme of things, this will all be a new experience for football fans and well, the sports world when it comes to being safe at sporting events and ensuring a great experience for all. It remains to be seen if fans will still head out to US Bank Stadium for such activities but many are anxiously awaiting the return of sports so they’ll likely be a good amount ready to enjoy it in stride.

It’s great to see the Vikings put such an idea on the table so fans can have an opportunity to return to some kind of normalcy. It might take some getting used to but if there is anything to know about Vikings fans is that they’re one of the best and most loyal in all of pro football.

Hanging out at Commons Park might be different but it’s the fans that will still make it special, especially for a team that has high expectations to continue their big success of last season. One better believe that the support of fans at Commons Parks will be massive all season long as the Vikings do their best to once again make it to the NFL Playoffs.

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Overall, it’s only a matter of just a few months before the regular season finally arrives as tailgaters don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to enjoying home games in Minnesota. Now that they’ll be a new place to potentially hang out, meet fellow Vikings fans, and enjoy some incredible alcohol as the season can’t get here soon enough.