Minnesota Vikings: Making the case to extend Dalvin Cook in 2020

Minnesota Vikings, Dalvin Cook #33 (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Minnesota Vikings, Dalvin Cook #33 (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings need to extend Dalvin Cook this offseason

At this point in time, the Minnesota Vikings and star running back Dalvin Cook don’t have any new contract extension but hopefully, that’ll change over the next few months. In 2021, Cook is set to become an unrestricted free agent as it’s best the Vikings take care of him now before things get ugly later.

When it comes to running backs, the general consensus is that they’re a dime a dozen. It’s a positional group that has faded away over the last few decades thanks to high-octane passing attacks. Even in today’s NFL, it’s a passing league as the best teams focus on having a franchise quarterback and a prolific receiving corps around him to get the job done. This is probably the big reason why the Vikings are hesitant to enter contract extension talks this offseason and take a “wait and see” approach with Cook.

This might be the case since Cook has shown promise over the last three seasons and last year, he achieved his best season yet. In 2019, Cook totaled 1,135 rushing yards, 250 rushes, 13 touchdowns, and doubled up as a receiving threat. He brings a lot to the Vikings’ offense and is about to enter some of the prime years of his career.

Dalvin Cook should get a new extended contract by the Minnesota Vikings now

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Yes, Cook has dealt with injuries in the past which is part of being a starting running back but when healthy, he’s one of the best playing today. There is no denying he has the talent to get the job done consistently but if anything, it looks like the Vikings are waiting to see if he can go a full year without missing time due to injury.

It’s a dangerous game to play because if they mess this up, it could ruin things big time and have Cook be a disgruntled player in 2021. On the other hand, it might bring clarity to what he brings to the table and earn him the huge contract he’s looking for in next year’s offseason.

At any rate, it’s best to do the right thing and take a risk with Cook by extending him now. Not only does he deserve it but it sets a good example to the rest of the locker room and potential future free agents that the Vikings take care of their own.

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Overall, Cook is about to embark on potentially some of his best years yet as the Vikings should consider extending him now for at least the next three years. They have the cap space to make something happen as he was a catalyst on offense last season to help the Vikings make the NFL Playoffs. It’s important to be careful to not overpay or overcommit to a running back or anything but considering everything Cook has achieved on this team just a few years in, it’s best to lock him up in a new contract now. Otherwise, an ugly divorce could be brewing if the Vikings wait too long, especially if Cook has a bigger impact this upcoming season than what we saw in 2019.