Vikings reveal what must happen for Chad Beebe to make the 2020 roster

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Chad Beebe
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Chad Beebe /

Will the young receiver be a factor for the Minnesota Vikings this season?

Back in 2018, Chad Beebe entered his first NFL training camp to try and secure a spot on the Minnesota Vikings final roster.

The deck was already stacked against the 5-foot-10, 183-pound undrafted rookie receiver, so anything other than him getting cut by the Vikings was going to be a surprise. Beebe did actually end up getting waived by Minnesota at the end of their 2018 training camp, however, the team quickly brought him back to be on their practice squad.

Last year, he impressed the Vikings coaches enough to include him as a part of their final 53-man roster. Unfortunately, Beebe was only able to appear in three games last season after suffering a significant ankle injury.

Will Chad Beebe still be with the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1?

On Sunday, Minnesota offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak was asked about the third-year receiver and what his expectations are for him in the team’s training camp this summer.

"“I’m just as excited about (Beebe), no doubt. First off, I’m glad he’s healthy. I also think the routine we’re in right now, may help (Beebe) a little bit. We’re very young, we’re very competitive at the receiver position. I think we can make sure that (Beebe) comes along and gets back to 100 percent the right way and don’t overload him. I think he’s going to be a really fine player. I think the key for him is just staying healthy and getting that first season under his belt where he is healthy and I think you’re going to see his career take off.”"

That last part of Kubiak’s response isn’t the greatest endorsement of Beebe. The Vikings offensive coordinator knows the young receiver has the skills to succeed in the NFL, but his lack of ability to stay on the field has been preventing him from reaching his full potential.

At the very least, Kubiak likes what Beebe can offer, so the receiver has that going for him. Plus, Beebe made Minnesota’s roster last year and Kubiak was a part of the staff that decided to keep him around.

However, the Vikings did decide to use a fifth-round pick on former Miami receiver K.J. Osborn during the 2020 NFL Draft a few months ago. Osborn offers a lot of the same skills as Beebe as both a pass-catcher and a returner and Minnesota might choose to go with the rookie instead of the guy who can’t seem to stay on the field.

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Will the end of Beebe’s journey with the Vikings come to a close in a few weeks or will he continue to prove his doubters wrong by securing a spot on the team’s regular-season roster once again?