There’s at least one player who isn’t looking to get out of Minnesota

(Photo by Chuck Cook -USA TODAY Sports) Kyle Rudolph
(Photo by Chuck Cook -USA TODAY Sports) Kyle Rudolph /

Kyle Rudolph wants to remain with the Minnesota Vikings.

Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan for the Minnesota Vikings this season. After six games, the Vikings are 1-5, and any hopes they had of making the playoffs are pretty much non-existent.

When teams in the NFL get off to bad starts like Minnesota has, there are typically multiple players from these teams who end up looking for a way to land elsewhere before the trade deadline. Rumors have already begun to swirl about some members of the Vikings asking the team to trade them this year, but none of these rumors have come from legitimate or reliable sources.

One Minnesota player who some believe could be made available before this season’s trade deadline is Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings could still end up dealing Rudolph to another team, but it wouldn’t be due to the tight end wanting out.

Kyle Rudolph wants to finish his career with the Minnesota Vikings

Rudolph has spent his entire career with Minnesota since they selected him in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He’s currently in the middle of his 10th season with the Vikings and he’s built a great relationship with the city that he’s called home for the last decade.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Rudolph responded to a commenter on his Instagram account on Monday with a reply that made it clear he has no desire to play anywhere else.

After making a post that reflected on his relationship with the late Twin Cities sportswriter, Sid Hartman, Rudolph was asked in the comments section if he had asked the Vikings for a trade. The Minnesota tight end  responded to the question by saying that wants to remain with the Vikings for “as long as Sid!”

Hartman passed away on Sunday at the age of 100, so Rudolph’s response should make it pretty easy to understand that he isn’t looking to end his NFL career in another uniform.

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Unfortunately, whether he ends his football career in Minnesota or not probably won’t be up to the tight end. Rudolph might even be dealt before this year’s trade deadline. For now though, he’s more than happy to call Minnesota his home.