Adrian Peterson throws some shade at former Lions head coach

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) Adrian Peterson
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) Adrian Peterson /

The former Minnesota Vikings running back shared his thoughts on the Detroit Lions firing Matt Patricia.

Due to being in the NFL for almost a decade and a half, former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has worked with a wide variety of coaches during his tenure in the league. So one would think that Peterson has a pretty good idea of what coaching styles work well in the NFL and which ones don’t.

Currently, the former Vikings running back is a member of the Detroit Lions, who recently fired head coach Matt Patricia midway through his third season with the team.

The Lions never experienced any success under Patricia and judging from some recent comments made by Peterson, it’s not very hard to figure out why.

Former Minnesota Vikings running back having fun again

In their first game with new interim head coach Darrell Bevell (a former Minnesota offensive coordinator), Peterson and Detroit were able to squeeze out a victory over the Chicago Bears. The victory was only the second for the Lions since Week 8.

On Thursday, the former Vikings running back was asked about Detroit’s recent coaching change and he said that football is “back to being fun,” again with Bevell in charge.

That’s quite the statement from someone like Peterson who has played under a few grumpy head coaches during his NFL career including Brad Childress and Mike Zimmer.

It’s pretty obvious that the former Minnesota running back and the rest of his Lions teammates weren’t sad to see Patricia go.

It’s a shame that Detroit decided to kick Patricia to the curb before the end of the season though, because the Vikings would have loved to add one last loss to his head coaching record in Week 17 when the Lions will take on the purple and gold to close out the 2020 campaign.