DeSean Jackson would be the perfect No. 3 receiver for the Vikings

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) DeSean Jackson
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) DeSean Jackson /

Recently released, DeSean Jackson could be the third receiver the Minnesota Vikings are searching for.

Among the multiple areas of their roster the Minnesota Vikings will be looking to upgrade this offseason, finding a third receiver should be one of their top priorities.

The Vikings need to find a receiver who can help take some of the pressure off of Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, while also having the ability to fill in as a starter if either one of the team’s top two pass-catchers is forced to miss time next season.

Well, the perfect candidate for this role might have just emerged on Friday after the Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson.

Should the Minnesota Vikings pursue DeSean Jackson?

With 4.3 speed, Jackson has been one of the most dangerous deep threats in NFL history. During his career, he’s averaged 17.4 yards per catch, which the highest among players that have at least 250 receptions since 2000.

Jackson has hauled in 64 touchdown passes during his time in the league and 45 of these (70.3 percent) went for distances of 30 yards or more.

Of all his trips to the end zone, 11 of them were thanks to passes thrown by current Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins. Jackson and Cousins spent three seasons together as teammates when they were both with the Washington Football Team from 2014 to 2016.

Back in 2017, the veteran receiver called Cousins a “great quarterback,” so it doesn’t sound like he would have a problem with the Vikings signal-caller throwing him passes again.

Of course, the price has to be right in order for Minnesota to find a spot for Jackson on their roster for next season. But since he’s now 34-years-old and he’s only been able to appear in a total of eight games since 2019, he might actually end up being pretty affordable for the Vikings.

The recent injuries are a concern, but Minnesota doesn’t need Jackson to come in and be their top receiver. With his ability to stretch the field, his mere presence could result in Jefferson and Thielen getting more open looks next season.

Playing for the Vikings should be enticing for Jackson as well. Not only will he get to play with a quarterback who he knows can get him the ball down the field, but he would get to play 10 of his games indoors next season. During his career, Jackson has averaged 20.6 yards per catch in games played inside.

It will definitely be interesting to see who Minnesota targets to be their third receiver in 2021. Whoever they’re considering, Jackson should be among the potential candidates.