6 most dangerous deep threats in Minnesota Vikings history

(Photo by John Zich/AFP via Getty Images) Randy Moss
(Photo by John Zich/AFP via Getty Images) Randy Moss /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Which former Minnesota Vikings wide receivers should be regarded as the most lethal deep threats in team history?

It’s a shame that there are people out there on this planet who don’t believe former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss is the greatest deep threat in NFL history.

This silly little debate about the top deep threats in league history was had the other day after someone with a Twitter account suggested that current Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill might already be the best deep threat ever.

Vikings fans everywhere did their best to contain their laughter as no one comes even close to matching the ability to stretch the field that Moss displayed during his NFL career.

If you’re already assuming that Moss is at the top of the list of players we’re about to discuss, then you would be what some people refer to as the opposite of left.

Aside from Moss, Minnesota has had its share of deep threats suit up for them during their existence as a franchise. Who are some of these guys that deserve to be regarded as the best deep threats in Vikings history?