Randy Moss reveals if he would like to coach with the Vikings or not

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Randy Moss
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Randy Moss /

Former Minnesota Vikings star receiver Randy Moss recently discussed if there is a chance of him ever getting into coaching.

In the eyes of many Minnesota Vikings fans, Randy Moss is the greatest wide receiver to ever play in the NFL. A good amount of fans from other teams would also agree that Moss is the best pass-catcher to ever spend time in the league.

The former Vikings receiver will forever be known as the guy who always found a way to outleap his opponent to haul in a touchdown pass. Moss also had a few off-the-field moments that fans haven’t forgotten about either.

What the former Minnesota receiver doesn’t get enough credit for, however, is the fact that he was also an elite student of the game. Moss used to study his opponents for hours to figure out how he could gain an advantage over them out on the field.

Would Randy Moss ever consider coaching for the Minnesota Vikings?

Since retiring, the former Vikings receiver has utilized his wealth of football knowledge as an NFL analyst on television. Moss started his broadcasting career with Fox Sports and then he made the leap to ESPN, where he’s been since 2016.

The Hall of Fame receiver recently joined the “Bleav in Vikings” podcast and he was asked if he would ever be interested in a coaching gig in the NFL. Moss gave an answer that might be a little surprising to some.

"“To answer your question, no. The reason why is because the coaches put so much time, so much effort, and sacrifice into their job and their craft making sure that we’re prepared or we’re ready to go out and win a football game. The sacrifice that you have to make as a player, multiply that times two as a coach.For me to be older, happily married, got my family, just loving and living life, it would take away a lot for me to be a coach in the National Football League, or just to coach period.”"

Moss brings up something that is easy for football fans to forget and that is the amount of time every coach in the NFL puts into their job.

Most don’t get the appreciation they probably deserve since they’re not playing in the actual game, but the majority of the coaches around the league sacrifice an incredible amount of time away from their family and friends to prepare the players they’re in charge of.

So it’s not difficult to understand why Moss has no interest in coaching in the NFL. He was there to witness as his coaches slept in their offices overnight and missed important life events. Being an analyst for ESPN still requires Moss’ time and sacrifice, but it’s not even close to what he would have to give up if he were to become a coach.

So for those who were holding out hope that Moss would one day join Minnesota’s staff as the team’s wide receivers coach or something else, it seems like that is just something that is going to remain a dream.