Hey Aaron Rodgers, here is that attention that you ordered

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) Aaron Rodgers
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) Aaron Rodgers /

Longtime Minnesota Vikings rival, Aaron Rodgers, had the entire NFL world watching his every move this offseason, only to return to the Green Bay Packers.

Multiple times in the past, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has publicly stated how he would love for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to retire. Well, for a little while this offseason, it felt like that was actually a realistic possibility.

Of course, this all started on the opening night of the 2021 NFL Draft when ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped the bombshell that Rodgers no longer wanted to play for the Packers.

Once this news started to spread, Vikings fans everywhere sat up in their chairs with intrigue at the thought of their favorite team’s rival losing their best player. Could Minnesota finally be done with dealing with Rodgers for two games during every season?

Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers was always too good to be true for the Minnesota Vikings

For the last three months, the top topic for almost every week had to do with Rodgers and the possibility of him not playing for Green Bay during the upcoming season.

Packers fans were obviously sick of hearing about it, but the majority of Vikings fans loved every second of their rivals dealing with a daily dose of drama.

With training camp beginning for most teams around the NFL this week, this was supposed to be the time where Rodgers was finally going to show Green Bay that he wasn’t bluffing. But when he had the opportunity to stick it to the guys who had been reportedly pushing him to the brink of retirement, he pretended like he was playing in another NFC Championship and he came up short.

Instead, the Packers higher-ups made a pinky promise with Rodgers that they would be more considerate of their quarterback’s feelings moving forward and he felt like that was enough to return to the team.

Rodgers now thinks that he’s going to have free reign of where he plays in 2022 when Green Bay basically still has control of his future.

Way to stand your ground Aaron.

But should anyone really be surprised by anything that happened during the last three months? Rodgers was having the time of his life trolling the entire NFL world all summer long and now we’re all just supposed to act like everything is back to normal?

Can you imagine the outrage that would take place if Kirk Cousins did something like this? Or what about Cam Newton? But just because Rodgers sat there with his condescending smile whenever he answered questions about this summer’s circus, he gets a pass?

Well, whatever, now that he’s decided to come back, every defense in the NFL, including Minnesota’s, will get the opportunity to let the Packers quarterback feel how much they appreciated seeing his goofy face all over their phones and TVs for the last three months.

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So when Rodgers is pulling grass out of his helmet after getting dragged to the ground by a reawakened Danielle Hunter later this year, will he still think the circus he created this summer was worth it?