Brad Childress still holds major grudge against former Vikings linebacker

(Photo by (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Brad Childress
(Photo by (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Brad Childress /

In a recent appearance on a Twin Cities radio station, former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress attempted to reignite some old drama with a former player.

For the Minnesota Vikings, the 2009 season will always be remembered as one of the most successful times in the history of the franchise. Before the start of the 2009 regular season, however, it didn’t seem like things were going to turn out as well as they actually did for the Vikings.

A few weeks before Minnesota’s season-opener against the Cleveland Browns, there was a report that came out from ESPN’s Adam Schefter about a potential “schism” taking place inside the Vikings locker room. Minnesota players were reportedly taking sides when it came to the team’s three quarterbacks at the time which were Brett Favre, Tarvaris Jackson, and Sage Rosenfels.

Luckily for the Vikings, this never snowballed into a bigger problem and Favre went on to lead the team to a 13-win regular season along with an appearance in the NFC Championship.

Brad Childress recently takes a dig at former Minnesota Vikings linebacker

Minnesota’s head coach in 2009 was, of course, Brad Childress. Hired by the Vikings in 2006, things ended up taking a turn for the worst in 2010, and he was fired midway through the 2010 campaign.

Apparently, Childress still has some hard feelings about how things went during his time in Minnesota. At least that’s the way he made it seem during a recent appearance on Minnesota’s KFAN Radio.

Before finishing an interview with KFAN’s Paul Allen on Wednesday, the former Vikings’ head coach ended the conversation with these words.

"“One more thing, I know you’ve got the guy that coined the word ‘schism’ there with you. Ben Leber, from his Markhart word power, I believe he’s the guy that came up with the ‘schism’ term. I don’t know if he ever stepped underneath that at owned up to that, but you can speak to him later about what exactly a ‘schism’ is.”"

It sounds like Childress thinks former Minnesota linebacker Ben Leber had something to do with the ‘schism’ that was reportedly taking place in the team’s locker room before the 2009 season.

In response to his former coach, Leber, who is currently employed by KFAN, went on Allen’s show on Thursday and had this to say.

"“I have no idea what in the hell he’s talking about. I think there’s been some misinformation on his part about my role in what happened at the end of his Vikings tenure that I think he’s grossly, and irresponsibly unaware of, and misconstruing.”I never used the word ‘schism.’ I never invented the word ‘schism.’ If I ever repeated ‘schism’, it was because it made the freaking headlines about the way that the locker room was [and] not from me.”"

It’s hard to determine what exactly Childress thought he was going to accomplish when he did his best to try and throw Leber under the bus.

Plus, it was something that happened over 10 years ago. If Childress still has a problem with Leber, then he should’ve been an actual adult and made an attempt to hash things out in private.

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But that would also require the former Vikings head coach to make a smart decision, which is not something he was known for doing during his tenure in Minnesota.