Brett Favre slammed by former Vikings teammate on Twitter

(Photo by Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports) Brett Favre
(Photo by Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports) Brett Favre /

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfels commented on Thursday about the recent controversy surrounding Brett Favre.

Earlier this month, a report from Mississippi Today revealed that former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was illegally given millions of dollars in welfare funds from the state of Mississippi to help the University of Southern Mississippi build a new venue for their volleyball team.

Favre has not been criminally charged with anything in relation to what he’s been accused of in the report, but the accusations alone are enough to potentially tarnish the legacy of the former Vikings quarterback.

Favre made over $141 million during his career in the NFL, so there should be no reason for him to steal from the poor in Mississippi as the report has accused him of doing.

Former Minnesota Vikings teammate doesn’t hold back about Brett Favre on Twitter

Unsurprisingly, a bunch of people aren’t very happy with Favre following the release of the report, and this group includes one of the Hall-of-Famer’s former teammates in Minnesota, quarterback Sage Rosenfels.

Now, Rosenfels doesn’t mention Favre by name in his tweet, but it’s very clear who the former NFL signal-caller is referring to.

If you’re familiar with Rosenfels on Twitter, you know that he typically has zero problems with voicing his opinion on a certain subject. This is obviously the case when it comes to the latest drama going on with Favre.

Rosenfels thoughts about the scandal are similar to how many people currently feel about what Favre has allegedly done. Why would someone who made more than $140 million in their NFL career, not including endorsements, need $5 million from anyone, let alone the state of Mississippi, to donate to the University of Southern Mississippi?

We might never find out the answer to this question. But Favre could have some serious problems on his hands if what was alleged about him in the Mississippi Today report turns out to be true.

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