17 recent Vikings who played in the East-West Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ivan Pace Jr.
Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ivan Pace Jr. / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings have many current players on their roster who attended either the East-West Shrine Bowl or the Senior Bowl.

This week marks the official start of the 2024 draft season for the Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the NFL as the East-West Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl games commence.

It's not just the games that hold relevance, but the entire week of practice is even more detrimental to a player's stock.

These games are coached by members of various NFL coaching staffs, and they get an up-close look at what type of player, competitor, and, ultimately, person these prospects are.

These games are extremely important, and the majority of the players who participate are drafted or at least end up on a team's roster as an undrafted rookie free agent.

The Vikings have taken their fair share of players from these games.

Minnesota has had many former attendees of these bowl games play for them, and there are currently a handful of players on the roster who are veterans of these games.

Just to get a feel for the importance of these games and why they should be watched and paid attention to, we will go back to the last three years and take a gander at all the players who participated who are current or former Vikings.

There are quite a few and not all have panned out, but it at least will give us an idea of the sheer number and will also give us an idea of how many to expect this year.