3 draft picks Minnesota Vikings got right in 2023 and 2 they will regret

Jay Ward
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Which selections that the Minnesota Vikings made during the 2023 NFL Draft did they get right and which ones will they likely regret?

Heading into the 2023 NFL Draft, many didn't really know what to expect from the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had a number of different paths they could have taken with their selections in this year's draft.

When the final day of the draft concluded last weekend, Minnesota had used their picks to add a total of six new players to their roster for the 2023 season. The Vikings' six selections this year were the fewest they've made in a draft since 2009 when they only made five picks.

Since none of the six new players Minnesota added from this year's draft have taken a single snap for the team, we really don't know how successful they are going to be in the NFL. But based on their college careers and how they were viewed by some of the top draft analysts, we can definitely make some educated guesses about their future in the league.

It's unlikely that the Vikings are going to hit on all six of their draft selections this year, but they should get some solid production out of at least one or two of the players they added at the beginning of the month.

Using the 2023 NFL Draft industry consensus big board compiled by Pro Football Network's Arif Hasan, let's see if we can determine which of Minnesota's picks they got right this year and which ones they will end up regretting.