Grading every pick the Minnesota Vikings made in the 2023 NFL Draft

Jordan Addison
Jordan Addison / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Minnesota Vikings 2023 NFL Draft class is complete. Now, it's time to give a grade for every choice the team made.

The Minnesota Vikings 2023 NFL Draft is complete. They ended up staying pat at pick No. 23 to take former USC wide receiver Jordan Addison, but after that, they moved up and down the board to acquire extra capital and to score prospects they had high grades on.

A common practice that many analysts partake in after an NFL Draft is to hand out grades. It doesn't always make the most sense to immediately grade a pick as we don't know how or if these players will acclimate to the pros.

Some players catch on very quickly and make immediate impacts. For others, it can take a season or two, and some just never figure it out.

While the future is incredibly hard to predict, we can at least evaluate where the players were taken, who was also available at the time, and if the team addressed a particular need with that choice.

Let's go ahead and give a grade for every selection the Vikings made in the 2023 NFL Draft.