5 former Vikings who have thrived with other NFL teams in 2023

New York Jets tight end Tyler Conklin
New York Jets tight end Tyler Conklin / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Who are some former members of the Minnesota Vikings who have been able to be successful for another NFL team during the 2023 season?

Nothing is forever when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the NFL. Players always end up leaving a team, whether they retire, get cut, or get traded.

It's an ever-spinning revolving door of talent, as familiar faces end up on teams all the way across the country, or maybe they end up just a few hours away.

Whatever the case may be, fans of Minnesota and other teams can typically depend on finding at least one player or coach who used to be a part of their favorite squad now donning another team's colors. It's just inevitable.

With the 2023 regular season reaching its end this weekend, let's take a look around the NFL and highlight a few former members of the Vikings who have managed to put together a solid performance during the 2023 campaign.

Former Viking No. 1

Dalvin Tomlinson - DT (Cleveland Browns)

Dalvin Tomlinson is one of two former Minnesota defensive linemen who went to the Cleveland Browns this past offseason, with Za'Darius Smith being the other.

While Smith has struggled this year, Tomlinson has put together a solid performance for the Browns this season.

Just as things were during his two years with the Vikings, Tomlinson's stats aren't eye-popping for Cleveland this season, but he's been a contributor in the trenches regardless.

Tomlinson was pretty underrated during his tenure in Minnesota, and just like his former Vikings teammate, Harrison Phillips, he's a man who is happy to do the dirty work in the trenches and he does the job well.

Tomlinson was well-respected in the community of Minnesota and left with no sour feelings, unlike the aforementioned Smith.

The Browns have one of the best defenses in all of football this year, especially when it comes to stopping the run, and Tomlinson has played a key role in making this happen.