5 Minnesota Vikings who could be labeled busts after the 2023 season

There are a handful of Vikings who could get slapped with the bust label if their 2023 seasons go awry.
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Viking No. 3

WR Jordan Addison

This one isn't fair as a player should get three full seasons before being deemed a bust but fans of the NFL want instant results. If Addison doesn't have decent numbers there will be some fans and even media members who will start carelessly calling him a bust.

Fans are excited about the potential Addison brings to the Vikings' offense. He's extremely quick and shifty and should have plenty of one on one opportunities with Justin Jefferson lining up opposite him. Expectations are high and if he ends up with a 40 reception, 500 yards, and three touchdown stat line, many will deem that too low.

Realistically, there are only so many targets to go around. Justin Jefferson will get his, TJ Hockenson will see plenty, and KJ Osborn will also feast. Addison will get plenty of looks but the chance to really break out with a huge statistical season is probably unrealistic.

Addison needs to be given time to acclimate to the NFL and form a rapport with Kirk Cousins, his teammates, and Kevin O'Connell's offense. If fans aren't patient with his progress, the bust label could be wrongly tossed his way at season's end.