5 young QBs the Vikings could trade for in the 2024 offseason

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings are rumored to be trading up for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft, but what if the guy they go out and get is currently in the league?

Currently, the assumption is that the Minnesota Vikings will do everything they can in this year's NFL Draft to move up and get a young quarterback to lead them for the next decade.

With Kirk Cousins's future unknown and him getting up there in years, the heir apparent needs to be on the roster. While many assume that the future will come in the draft, what if that player is already in the NFL playing for another team?

There are a handful of young quarterbacks in the league who still possess a ton of upside. Maybe they haven't shown quite enough for their current teams to stick with them, or perhaps their current team has secured another option that appears to be the answer.

Some of these teams with intriguing young quarterbacks are also going through coaching and front-office changes, and they may want to bring in their own guys for the future.

Whatever the reason, some talented young signal-callers could be available, and it's an avenue the Vikings should consider and even explore when it comes to their future quarterback.

So, who are some of these young quarterbacks from around the league that Minnesota could trade for if they are unable to swing a deal to move into the top three of the 2024 NFL Draft?