6 most noteworthy Minnesota Vikings moments from 2023

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen
Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages
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Looking back at the last 12 months, what are some of the most significant Minnesota Vikings moments that took place in 2023?

A new year is on the horizon, and a lot has happened in the world of the Minnesota Vikings during the last 12 months. Some of the most significant moments in recent Vikings history took place in 2023.

A number of these moments had a tremendous impact on the franchise and its fan base, while others were pretty easy to forget about after a handful of days.

Before we get into some of the most noteworthy Vikings moments from 2023, let's look back at a few moments that are deserving of an honorable mention.

Top Minnesota Vikings Moments of 2023 - Honorable Mentions

Trey Lance trade rumors

After the emergence of Brock Purdy in 2022, the San Francisco 49ers were looking to move on from former No. 3 overall draft pick Trey Lance after just two seasons.

This led to what felt like an excessive number of rumors that involved Minnesota having an interest in trading for Lance (especially with him being a Minnesota native), but a deal was never made. Eventually, the young quarterback wound up getting traded to the Dallas Cowboys before the start of the 2023 season.

Joe Kapp passes away

Back in May, it was revealed that former Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp had passed away at the age of 85.

Kapp spent the first half of his professional football career in Canada before he crossed the border and joined Minnesota before the 1967 season.

The highlight of his career with the Vikings took place in 1969 when he helped lead the franchise to a 12-1 record, an NFL championship, and an appearance in Super Bowl IV against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Danielle Hunter signs new deal

Following months of trade speculation, Minnesota and top pass rusher Danielle Hunter were able to agree to a new one-year deal worth $20 million back in July. The agreement has certainly ended up working out in the Vikings' favor, as Hunter has put together a very impressive performance this season.

He's set to become a free agent in 2024, and based on how he's played during the last few months, he should make a nice chunk of change whether he returns to Minnesota or signs elsewhere.

Alright, after those three honorable mentions, let's get into the six most noteworthy Vikings moments from 2023, starting at No. 6 and counting down to No. 1.