7 high-risk free agents the Vikings could sign in 2024

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Who are some high-risk free agents the Minnesota Vikings could sign during the 2024 offseason that could pay off in the end?

The 2023 season was a disappointment for the Minnesota Vikings. Injuries derailed their season in a year that the path through the NFC playoffs could have been plausible for Minnesota had they stayed healthy.

The Vikings now head into a monumental offseason, as there are a plethora of different paths this team could take.

If Minnesota is looking to retool in 2024 and make themselves prominent for the next season, they'll certainly need to take some big swings at free agents that some teams may be iffy about signing.

As a quote that has been made popular in recent years says, "Scared money don't make money," the Vikings will need to take chances on some high-risk players and hope that they pay off in the end.

So, who could they end up signing from this 2024 free-agent class?

Player No. 1

Adoree' Jackson - CB

2023 Team: New York Giants

Adoree' Jackson is a former first-round pick out of USC in 2017. Jackson has incredible physical traits, which he flashed in his seven years in the NFL.

The biggest risk with Jackson, however, is that he can't seem to stay healthy.

Since 2020, Jackson has missed over 20 games, marking him with a big red flag in the free agent class.

When Jackson has been on the field, he has been a solid contributor, albeit not a lockdown corner, but his issues with staying healthy are definitely cause for concern.

Jackson only missed three games this past season, which is a step in the right direction compared to recent years, so maybe this shows he's becoming more reliable.

Jackson's injury history is going to cause teams to stray away from the 28-year-old, but he is exactly the type of player that Minnesota needs to target.

He is a high-risk, high-reward player who could help bolster the weak Vikings secondary unit, and his signing price could be reachable for Minnesota as well.